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Bring on the PodCats with Melissa Triebwasser

Frogs O’War’s managing editor is rightfully terrified of Deuce Vaughn but still thinks TCU can hang with Kansas State on Saturday.

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Hopefully Quentin Johnston won’t be the next tall receiver to terrorize Kansas State’s secondary.
Photo by John Rivera/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Right off the top, we should note this podcast was recorded Monday night before Chris Klieman gave me some hope Skylar Thompson might be able to play quarterback on Saturday, although since this is college football I’m still not convinced that isn’t just gamesmanship for the K-State coaching staff. We’ll see.

Either way, Frogs O’War managing editor Melissa Triebwasser still provided us plenty of insight on what TCU brings with an offense led by Max Duggan, who of course ran for a career-high 115 yards in a loss to Kansas State last season. The Horned Frogs also boast a young defense that appears to be improving rapidly and did just enough to upset Texas 33-31 last week.

We also talked about how teams like TCU and Kansas State could take advantage of a down year for Oklahoma with no clear frontrunner in the Big 12, though OSU could certainly claim that title when Spencer Sanders returns or even before. Also, you may not want to listen to this podcast hungry, since I had to have Melissa tell me about Heim Barbecue and its incredible-sounding bacon burnt ends.

You can read Melissa’s work at Frogs O’War and follow her on Twitter @thecoachmelissa. If you want to learn more about TCU football, especially if you’re a stats nerd, she recommends The Purple Theory Podcast.

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