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Reacts: LSU in the hot seat

K-State scared Oklahoma, but LSU got it worse.

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K-State wasn’t the only unranked team to clown a top ten school Saturday.
K-State wasn’t the only unranked team to clown a top ten school Saturday.
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K-State’s big win Saturday continues to cause Oklahoma heartburn, as a ton of fans think it signals a problem going forward for the Sooners. This week’s SB Nation Reacts asked fans which team should be the most concerned about their weekend brush with mortality, and while more fans pointed a finger at LSU, Oklahoma was right on their heels. Forty percent of respondents think the Bayou Bengals have a big problem, whereas 37 percent tabbed the Sooners.

An analytical answer to this question, of course, would require asking oneself to compare K-State and LSU’s conquerors, Mississippi State. LSU was ranked #6 last week while Oklahoma was ranked third; all things being equal, one would expect Oklahoma’s loss to be more concerning. But LSU led their game for less than four minutes on Saturday and lost by a larger margin than the Sooners, whereas K-State had to fight back from a 21-point deficit. LSU was in a brawl for 60 minutes; Oklahoma dominated the Cats for about 40 minutes.

In the eyes of the Reactors, advantage LSU.

Texas and Texas A&M had close calls on Saturday, but they came out on top and really had no chance in this survey.

There’s no chance for the Aggies to be upset by a lesser opponent this week, as their task on Saturday involves visiting Alabama. That is not the most anticipated game of the weekend, however. The respondents overwhelmingly picked #7 Auburn at #4 Georgia as the most compelling game on Saturday.

As the season began, Wildcats fans — you know, YOU — had 100% confidence in the program. The opening week loss to Arkansas State caused your optimism to flag, with the confidence rating falling to 80%.

But Saturday erased all doubts. The epic comeback in Norman restored full confidence in the squad.

Saturday, of course, now features a contest between two teams who were responsible for putting their opponents in the nominations for this week’s first Reacts question. Texas Tech, who forced Texas to overtime on Saturday, travels to Manhattan for a true toss-up game in which K-State is favored by less than the normal home field advantage.

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