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Slate: Best O-line in the conference? Kansas State

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Kansas State had the best o-line in the Big 12 according to PFF, plus notes on track and field and basketball

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NCAA Football: Liberty Bowl-Navy vs Kansas State Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports


Jon checked in on how we all feel about the state of the Men’s basketball program this year, and while it’s still above Donald Trump’s approval rating, it certainly isn’t anything to write home about.


We’re lumping everything together because it’s an incredibly light Thursday slate.

First up, our pal Drew Schneider checks in over at Hammer and Rails and compares us to Purdue, another team struggling to replace veteran leadership. Keep an eye out for a post from Drew here at Bring on the Cats specifically speaking to Kansas State’s struggles.

Next, (and apologies if this has been in the slate previously) Pro Football Focus released a ranking of all 130 d-1 college offensive lines, and I won’t tell you exactly where Kansas State ranks, but it is best in the Big 12.

We’ll wrap today’s Slate with notes from the athletic department. First, Corbin McGuire checks out the Indoor track and field season, highlighting senior Travis Hodge’s expectations this season. Lastly, we finish with a preview of Saturday’s women’s basketball match-up against Texas Tech. Hopefully, one of the basketball teams can find a way to get their first conference win of the season.