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FANPULSE: Nearing sea level

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The line keeps dipping.

Yeah, that sums it up.
Yeah, that sums it up.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

While most of you are still confident that the Kansas State Wildcats basketball program is moving in the right direction, the dirigible still has a leak. In Week Seven of SB Nation’s basketball FanPulse, your amalgamated confidence level in the Cats has dipped to a season-low 62.5%.

The line says it all.
The line says it all.

Just three samples ago, there was still 100% confidence in the program. But a nightmare trip to New York and agonizing losses in the non-con pushed that number down to 70.6%. A gutsy win over Tulsa Golden Hurricane nudged that up to 72.7% in the last sample, but the opening salvo in Big 12 play has caused the trend to nosedive once again.

In the other question you were asked this week, 37.5% of all SB Nation respondents picked Gonzaga Bulldogs as the best team in the nation, followed by Duke Blue Devils at 21.3%. None of the other options reached the 10% mark, while “some other team” checked in at 19.2%.

Readers of our sister site Big East Coast Bias were asked which Big East team was the most interesting, and Butler Bulldogs ran away with that one, carrying 41.7% of the vote. The folks over at Mid-Major Madness were asked which mid-major they were most confident in, and it was almost an even split between San Diego State Aztecs and Dayton Flyers, 50% to 41.7%. The other 8.3% picked “someone else”, which probably means that one school with only one loss that nobody likes.