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Bring on the PodCats with Matt Wilson

We brought back Matt Wilson to discuss Kansas State’s upcoming matchup with the No. 1 Baylor Bears, and some other things.

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NCAA Basketball: Baylor at Florida
Mark Vital, aka “Baby Rico”, looks like an NFL tight end, but he’s actually one of the best defenders in the Big 12.
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

College basketball this season is full of surprises, among them Baylor’s ascendance to the No. 1 spot in the rankings. Kansas State will host the Bears next Monday with a five-game win streak in the series on the line, so we brought on friend of the podcast Matt Wilson from Our Daily Bears to help us better understand the challenge the Cats will face.

Most notably, you won’t see much zone from this Baylor team, which has established its identity as a high-pressure, in-your-face man-to-man team and quite possibly the best defense in the country. It starts with Davion Mitchell on the perimeter and then draws plenty of strength inside from Mark Vital and Freddie Gillespie. The Bears also have several good offensive options who can step up when others have an off night.

If you’ve ever listened to our podcast with Matt, you won’t be surprised to know we veered off course a bit at times to talk Kobe Bryant and the KU-KSU fight, among other things. If you want more random thoughts on lots of stuff, follow Matt on Twitter @mattisbear and you can check out his work as a credentialed (seriously) reporter for Baylor at Our Daily Bears.

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