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Slate: The Fallout From The Fight

Suspensions were handed down for players involved in the fight, plus notes on the women’s basketball game from last night, and some light football notes.

NCAA Basketball: Kansas State at Kansas
Gordon gets 3 games to think about his role in Tuesday’s brawl.
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports


Did anyone get any work done yesterday? Based on our comment section from yesterday’s articles that would be a big, fat, no. JT post Eric Rubottom’s Classy article in his slate yesterday, but we’re going to reheat it here today as well.

Yesterday evening, TB took a measured look at exactly what happened, what it all means, and what happens next for Kansas and Kansas State following the Phight in the Phog.


Suspensions were handed down from the Big 12 yesterday. Silvio De Sousa (obviously and deservedly) received the longest suspension with a 12 game ban. Three others were also suspended with KU player David McCormack receiving 2 games, and K-State players James Love sitting for 8, and Antonio Gordon missing 3. The punishment feels about right, with the possible exceptions of McCormack only receiving 2 while Gordon gets 3....Not sure how stomping an opponent while the oppnent lays on the ground only warrents 2 games, but what do I know.

I’m not going to post every article from yesterday talking about the brawl, or reacting to it as I simply don’t have the time, but I will post a select few I found interesting.

First up. Alex Hickey at Metro News of West Virginia takes a look at how the suspensions affect the upcoming WVU games.

David Cobb with brings an interesting note to the events from Tuesday, looking back at the ending of the KU-Monmouth game and how that may have played a role in the ruckus.

Pat Forde with Sports Illustrated believes De Sousa got off easy with his punishment for his role in the fight.

Finally, Dan Garrett with interviews Riley Gates who was caught in the middle of the fight but still managed to get it on video.

In actual game news, the Women’s team fought valiantly but fell short in their comeback effort falling 73-59 on the road at Iowa State. (


Let’s finish on a light note. D. Scott Fritchen took a moment to compare 2020 signees to the recruiting rankings of current and former K-Staters.