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Slate: Kansas State’s New Year Begins With A Commit!

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Jake Rubley becomes Kansas State’s highest rated QB commit since Josh Freeman, plus notes on the Liberty Bowl

NCAA Football: Liberty Bowl-Navy vs Kansas State Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Happy New Year faithful readers! I hope your New Year’s was a restful and relaxing mid-week break, and that you’re ready to jump back into the cold cruel world of work. It’s an all football Slate today so let’s get the first slate of 2020 started!


We’ll start with the bad news. Kansas State lost a VERY winnable Liberty Bowl to Navy, 20-17. Our fearless leader, Jon Morse recapped the frustrating loss.

With the season over, players used the post game to reflect on the 2019 season, and to look ahead to the 2020 year. (Tiffany LIttler,

Finally in on field news, that has already sparked mild controversy the Wildcats went with an all-white look for the Liberty bowl. And while the ‘Cats went 0-3 in non-traditional uniforms let’s save the conspiracy theory alt uniform non-sense for another day. The uniforms looked great and had nothing to do with the receivers inability to catch on the opening drive, nor the DB’s selling out on the half back on fourth down leaving a wide open Navy receiver for the trick play. (Ryan Black, The Mercury)

Leaving the bad news from the week behind let’s get to the good news. 2020 has started of great for the Wildcats with 4 star QB Jake Rubley from Colorado committing to the Wildcats. Rubley is a class of 2021 commit and picked Kansas State over a slew of Power 5 offers including LSU, Michigan, and Penn State. Our own Drew Schneider brought us a breakdown, plus a report from Kellis Robinett at the Eagle.

Finally for discussion today, unlike President Trump we feel that sharing your 2020 resolutions is a good thing so fire those bad boys off in the comments so you can start the year with some online moral support. My number one goal this year is to read 30 books or 2.5 per month. What’s yours?