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Bring on the PodCats with Jaime Mendez

A former Kansas State All-American safety joined Derek Moeller-Smith and I to assess the season so far and share why the outlook for Wildcat football is so strong with Chris Klieman leading the way.

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Bowling Green v Kansas State
Defensive back Denzel Goolsby is a big part of a secondary that’s much deeper than the one led by Jaime Mendez back in the early years of the Bill Snyder era.
Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

It’s a bye week, which gives us some time to look back and reflect on a successful first three games for Chris Klieman and his staff. Former Kansas State All-American safety Jaime Mendez joined us to look even further back and do some comparing with the first few years of Bill Snyder’s tenure, since Jaime was a major piece of that initial recruiting class in 1989. He told Derek Moeller-Smith and I that so far, things look good enough that it’s not hard to imagine this team winning 8-10 games.

Of course, we touched on the secondary’s new aggressiveness, learning why that’s so much better for defensive backs than the frustrating “bend but don’t break” defense of recent years. Jaime also shared some thoughts on the improvements at linebacker, Skylar’s growth at quarterback, and how this team might fare against the explosive air attacks in the Big 12.

Jaime’s not on Twitter, but you can follow him on Instagram @jjmendez3.

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