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Bring on the PodCats with KSO’s Matt Hall

Kansas State’s Rivals editor discusses how his job has changed with the transition to Chris Klieman and breaks down some of the season’s biggest storylines.

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At long last, Chris Klieman’s coaching debut is nearly upon us.
Scott Weaver/K-State Athletics

We’re barely a week away from football, so we welcomed K-State Online editor to talk about the upcoming season in the first of two previews. But before we actually got to the team, we had to discuss how different covering the ‘Cats is now with the transparency of Chris Klieman’s staff compared to the closed-door policy of Bill Snyder. For me as a journalist, it was a fascinating discussion. Hopefully you’ll agree.

If not, feel free to skip ahead to our conversations regarding how tailback carries will be divided, whether K-State has some serious issues at receiver, and even — gasp — tight ends catching passes. Defensively, Matt shared some interesting insights on formations, the new aggressiveness we might see from cornerbacks, and what he thinks about the talent of K-State’s front seven.

Finally, we reviewed Chris Klieman’s two most prevalent slogans, “Win the Dang Day” and “Pound the Stone.” Let’s just say they could be better.

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