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Breaking Down the Makholven Sonn Commitment

Drew takes a look at the Wildcats newest verbal commitment from south Louisiana.

NCAA Football: Baylor at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas State continued their recruiting heater on Easter, adding Makholven Sonn, a 3-star (85) 6’0, 170 pound wide receiver/cornerback from New Iberia, Louisiana to the 2020 fold. Sonn committed to the Wildcats over Arkansas, Houston, Kansas and West Virginia (among others).

What Does Sonn Bring To The Table?

In one word? Speed

In a few words? Hot, Nasty Bad-Ass Speed

What was Kansas State’s biggest issue on both offense and defense last season?

A lack of elite speed.

Sonn will bring elite speed to either the offense or defense, depending on which side of the ball the two way star ends up.

While he can play either side of the ball. According to Ryan Wallace of 247 Sports, “The Bayou-based performer tells GPC (GoPowercat) that another big part in him choosing K-State was the staff’s sales pitch of using him like USC did with Adoree Jackson from 2014-16. That means the potential of playing both offense and defense as a receiver and defensive back.”

If the Jackson comparison is correct, Sonn will be a full time defensive back and part time wide receiver. As I mentioned, the Wildcats roster is in desperate need of speed. When a player with Sonn’s speed comes along, it makes sense to use him on both sides of the ball.

Based on the tape I’ve seen, Sonn will need some technique refinement to make an early impact on defense, but he has the physical tools to be an early impact defensive back. He has solid recovery speed and looks to attack and make plays on defense. He’s not a guy that wants to give a receiver a big cushion and wrestle him to the ground after a catch. Sonn wants to get on top of a receiver and make a play on the ball. He’s willing to gamble to make big plays. That’s fun to say, but gambling cuts both ways, and offensive coordinators are more than happy to victimize and overly aggressive DB with a double move. Makholven will have to chose his moments to make plays in college football.

While he’s sanding down the rough edges on defense, he can still get in snaps on offense. As a receiver, he uses his explosive speed to leave defenders in his wake. When (if?) he gets on the field as a wide receiver, I expect a to see a package of reverses, screens, and go routes to utilize his athletic ability without having to get technical. He won’t be a well polished, complete receiver, but he will be a fast receiver, and that’s not insignificant. Even if he is used as a decoy, his speed will demand the respect of the defense.


Speed and versatility are two major themes in the 2020 recruiting class and Sonn certainly fits the bill. If you’re not going to bring in a class full of 4- and 5-star guys, it’s best to recruit guys that fit what you want to accomplish.

For Kansas State, the 2020 class is all about fit, and Sonn fits.