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Bring on the PodCats with Ryan Black

The Manhattan Mercury’s sports editor returns to the podcast to discuss all the things going right for K-State basketball and offer some insights on what breaking the Bill Snyder retirement news meant to him.

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NCAA Basketball: Kansas State at Texas
Kansas State just keeps winning.
Stephen Spillman-USA TODAY Sports

We invited Ryan Black to join us for a podcast Monday night, which is why you’ll hear him talking extensively about Cartier Diarra’s role in Kansas State’s recent offensive renaissance. That even led to a now meaningless discussion on whether the ‘Cats are at their best with 4 guards on the floor and Mak on the bench. But obviously, Kansas State has plenty of other reasons to be confident right now, starting with the defense, and Ryan also gives a surprisingly simple explanation for K-State’s drastic improvement in defensive rebounding since last season.

Before letting him go, we chatted with Ryan about how he broke the news of Bill Snyder’s retirement and what it meant for him to beat out all the other bigger outlets. He also gave a strong defense of Chris Klieman’s recruiting class along with an endorsement for future efforts.

Be sure to check out Ryan’s efforts at The Manhattan Mercury’s website and you can follow him on Twitter for all the latest breaking K-State news @RyanABlack.

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