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sLATE: Kansas State-Oklahoma set for 11am kickoff

Bruce Weber and his top-15 recruiting class, golf, and MANHAPPINESS

Top 10, baby.
Top 10, baby.
Photo by Allen Holder/Kansas City Star/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

We’re late today, because reasons and also because it’s a super slow day today. Such is life on the Monday after a bye week in a season which is quickly circling the drain.

The main news today is that the Big 12 has announced Kansas State Wildcats ‘s TV assignment for next Saturday’s exsanguination at the hands of Oklahoma Sooners . That game will kick off at 11am, and be broadcast nationally by ABC. That means that your grandma will be able to witness the carnage. Isn’t that nice?

Also, it’s homecoming. High hopes or not, why in hell would you schedule homecoming for Oklahoma week? Oof.

Enough about football. The rest of today’s Slate will contain nothing but positive affirmations.


At the Eagle, Kellis Robinett dives into how Bruce Weber was able to pull in a top-15 recruiting class for 2020. Awesome!


K-State tied Texas on the final day of the Big 12 Match Play Championship at Houston Oaks in Hockley, Tex. In so doing, the tenth-seeded Wildcats came away with a third-place finish. Snazzy!


Corbin McGuire checks in with former Wildcat Evan Marshall, who posted a 2.49 ERA in 50 innings in a breakout season for the White Sox this year, in today’s Sports Extra. Groovy!

Austin’s not on this list

Marketwatch released its 2019 list of the Top 10 college towns, and Manhattan is on that list. Sweet!