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Second Half Game Thread: K-State 38, BGSU ZIP

Oh, we havin’ FUN now, y’all.

James Gilbert’s at 98 yards. He may not get to 100.
James Gilbert’s at 98 yards. He may not get to 100.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

We’re not going to get too into the weeds here, because all the information we’d impart to you will just get repeated in 90 minutes. Why’s that?

Because it’s unlikely a single starter will see the field after halftime, unless Chris Klieman decides to let the starters have one more blow to open the half. After thirty minutes, Kansas State lead Bowling Green 38-0, and it’s been exactly as dominating performance as that looks like.

Key notes: once again, all three “starting” tailbacks have touchdowns. K-State is running for almost 8 yards a carry. The Cats have outgained the Falcons 372-82, 254-50 on the ground

And Klieman said “#%©& IT” and let Skylar Thompson throw a 34-yard TD pass to Malik Knowles... on 4th-and-3 with the Wildcats already leading 31-0. Merciless.

Join us for the second half, and let’s see how badly the second string beats up on the Falcons!