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FANPULSE: Are you kidding us?

Washington State? Are you serious?

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Berry Tramel thinks Kansas State are the most accomplished team in the Big 12 thus far. The coaches and football writers both agree they’re one of the 25 best teams in the nation.

You know who doesn’t? Your peers across the SB Nation college football blogosphere, who once again snubbed your Wildcats in this week’s FANPULSE top 25.

Our voters here at BotC placed K-State in 19th this week, which I guess is some pretty homerriffic overreaction if we believe every other blog on the network. Except Corn Nation. They still have K-State at 25th.


The top six — Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana State, Oklahoma, and Ohio State — remain the same as last week. Notre Dame took a dive to 11 after losing to the Dawgs, while Auburn moved up a spot to replace them. Wisconsin jumped five spots to #8 after pantsing Michigan, and the rest of the vacuum created by the fall of Notre Dame (and Utah) was filled by Florida moving up a spot and Texas moving up two.

Penn State moved up two spots to 12, and Oregon three to 13. Utah tumbled to 14 from 9, while Iowa moved up to 15 from 18 and Texas A&Mwho lost to Auburn — moved up a spot to 16. What?

Michigan State, who didn’t do anything but beat Northwestern, moved up five spots to 17, just ahead of the fallen Wolverines. Boise State nudged up one place to take over Washington State‘s spot at 19, and Washington also moved up a notch after a big win. USC, responsible for knocking Utah off their perch, rejoined the poll at 21, while Central Florida fell from 15 to 22 after losing to Pitt. Washington State landed at 23 after their humiliation this weekend, Virginia dropped a spot despite a win over Old Dominion, and California is the second newcomer this week at 25. Maryland and Arizona State fell out of the poll; the latter was expected after a loss to Colorado, but Maryland didn’t do anything to merit a demotion. Literally.

Both of those schools remain in the “Also Receiving Votes” category, along with K-State, Army Black Knights, and Wake Forest Demon Deacons.

We have issues. Washington State remaining ranked after choking up a 32-point lead to a team on life support is ridiculous. A&M had no business moving up. And we have no idea what the deal is with Michigan State.

Same as it ever was.
Same as it ever was.

We’re sure you’re completely surprised by this.

Big confidence changes across SB Nation: Arkansas, for some reason, went from 78.6% confidence last week to a big fat zero this week. I can’t imagine what might cause a site to go into open revolt like that, can you? Michigan fans are, um, unhappy with the Harbaughing, falling from 58.9% to 12.7% just like that. Ole Miss slipped from 66.7% to 50%, Northwestern dropped from 88.9% to 34.8%, and — after bouncing back to 56% from 33.3% last week — Tennessee fans have thrown a big thumbs-down on the program, checking in this week at 17.4%. Some other schools whose fans didn’t respond in enough quantity to take their data seriously are also holding their noses; South Carolina is down from 60% to 20%, and Oregon State fell from 66.7% to 33.3%.

Also losing a little support, but still remaining above water, were Miami, TCU, Texas A&M, North Carolina, Utah, and Washington State.

Some fanbases, of course, are even happier than they were last week. Alabama only dropped to 92.9% last week, but they’re back up to 97.7% now. Auburn jumped back above the 90 line with a 14-point jump to 90.6%. Boston College, who sank to 9.1% after losing to Kansas, is back up to 33.3%. Florida State got almost half their support back, moving from 32.1% to 63.3%. Michigan State’s back up to 83.3% after a week at 33.3%, Mississippi State has recovered from their beatdown at the hands of the Wildcats to post a 90.9% after sinking to 53.9%, Pitt jumped from 52.9% to 90% after ending UCF’s billion-game winning streak, and UCLA is almost back to sea level at 45.6 — even better than their week one mark of 27.6%.

This week, there was an extra question: Which team is the most overrated?

The big winner here was Michigan, receiving a clear plurality of the votes at 60.24%. Florida came in second at 14.98%, with UCF third at 9.38%.

Thoughts? Angry rants? Bitter grumbling? Let us know.