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Get your Big Upset in the Little Apple t-shirt

Big win. Gloat about it.

Jack Burton always says, “Buy the t-shirt”
Jack Burton always says, “Buy the t-shirt”
Derek Yoder/BreakingT

It’s almost de rigeur now, this thing of making t-shirts to celebrate stuff. Is that going to stop us? Oh, no. Never.

Our pals at BreakingT have come up with a new one to celebrate Kansas State‘s upset win over fifth-ranked Oklahoma on Saturday, and you can get yours now. If you happen to find yourself imagining Oklahoma as David Lo Pan and singing the words to the theme of the Big Trouble in Little China song, we won’t fault you.

You’ll have to wrinkle it yourself.
You’ll have to wrinkle it yourself.

Being a person in possession of previous BreakingT offerings, I can personally attest that these are good t-shirts even before anything gets printed on them. No cheapie rags that fall apart after three washings, they’re not paper-thin, and they’re nice and soft. This is legit apparel.

Get yours now!

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