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The Return of Alex Delton

Baaaah Gawd King, That’s Alex Delton’s Music!

NCAA Football: Kansas State at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been an oddly tumultuous week for Kansas State that includeda change at quarterback from Skylar Thompson to Alex Delton. Regardless of your thoughts on the move, it’s time to get behind Delton. Honestly, I thought Delton would be the pick going into the year. He’s a talented player and he’s proven his mettle in big games. Having to turn to a guy that almost knocked off Oklahoma and ran UCLA off the field in a bowl game isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Here is What Alex Brings To the Table

What I like in the passing game

Delton struggles in the passing game, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have arm talent. His issues come from making poor reads on underneath throws, which is why I love this route.

Delton can see all the major players in this route. He’s throwing to a receiver running down the field instead of across the field. As soon as the receiver (Schoen in this case) beats his man, Delton lets it rip. The ball comes out on time and beats the safety. Schoen ran a good route and Delton made a good throw.

After watching most of Delton’s throws over the last 2 years, I like these route concepts the best for his skill set. Delton isn’t a guy that’s good at sitting in the pocket, going through his progressions, and beating a team with intermediate routes. He’s at his best when you narrow his options and let him attack down the field.

In my opinion, Delton should have 2 options on a play. Get the ball out on time to the primary receiver or run. The longer he sits in the pocket and tries to make a decision, the worse the outcome.

What I don’t like

As I mentioned above, I want Delton to either throw to the primary or run. K-State has struggled in both pass protection and wide receiver separation, resulting in sacks.

On this play you see the exact moment Delton comes off his primary receiver. He’s looking left at the outside receiver but the route is well covered. As soon as he makes the decision not to throw it to the primary, I want him running.

Instead, you see him look for his primary, step up in the pocket, look right, bounce twice, and then decides to run. The time he takes trying to find a secondary receiver is just enough time for West Virginia to get the sack. If he runs as soon as he comes off his primary, he has a much better chance to pop out the backside and make something happen.

I get it, it would be awesome if Delton was a quarterback that could sit in the pocket, go from his primary option, to his second option, to his third option, and finally to his dump off before running. It would also be awesome if I could grow hair on the top of my head, but sometimes you just have to accept your limitations and move on with life.

Run Game

This is Delton’s elite skill. He has great burst and is an instinctive and definitive runner. When he sees an opening, he hits the gas and more times than not, he makes it out the other side.

He does a great job of splitting the linebackers on this play, and for better or worse, he’s going to finish a run hard. If I were advising Delton (I’m not) and his goal is to play in the NFL, I would tell him to move to running back. I’m not sure if he’s an NFL running back, but I’m certain he’s not an NFL quarterback.

If Kansas State is in the game with Texas, it’s because Delton controls the game with his legs and hits a few deep passes in the vertical game.

He’s certainly capable.