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Bring on the PodCats with Drew Schneider

We turn to our newest contributor for answers on what’s gone wrong for Kansas State so far and how the ‘Cats can right the ship.

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Kansas State
Kansas State got knocked down last Saturday, but there’s still plenty of time to get back up.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday’s disaster against Mississippi State left us sad and cold, not ready to really talk to anyone else. So with what will hopefully be a mostly stress-free Saturday against UTSA coming up, we decided to keep things in house and turn to our newest contributor, Drew Schneider. First, he expanded on his bio a bit and said he hasn’t gotten any tailgate invites yet, so I’m disappointed in all of you.

Eventually, though, we had to address the product Kansas State put on the field, and Drew does pretty well of not looking at things through purple glasses. Maybe because he’s not wearing them like some of us are. Either way, it’s tough to miss the struggles on the offensive line, all the missed tackles, the troubling lack of effective routes from WRs and some other issues. While you’re listening, you may want to check out Drew’s post today on the offensive woes as a companion piece.

The good news is not all is lost because K-State won’t see another defense like Mississippi State and the beginning of the Big 12 schedule actually presents some opportunities to gather momentum before things get really difficult. We’ll see. Enjoy the podcast and don’t forget to follow Drew on Twitter @legendofSM.

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