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Slate: Kansas State Football Only a Week Away

Will the volleyball team ever get a chance to play?

Nebraska V Kansas State
With seven days to kickoff, why not remember the greatest No. 7 in a Wildcat uniform?

We’ve been like kids waiting for Christmas, and a week from today we’ll finally get to unwrap the 2018 K-State football season. As we all remember, that last week of anticipation can be the most tortuously interminable. Fortunately, we have oodles of content to help us pass the time.

Yesterday, BracketCat helped us open the No. 8 door on the countdown calendar with a feature of senior defensive back Duke Shelley. Already this morning, he has pulled the wrapping off of fellow senior defensive back Eli Walker. After posting nearly a novel’s worth of content over 93 days so far, BracketCat may be looking forward to opening day for an entirely different reason than the rest of us.

Also, our benevolent depot previewed the defensive backs, noting that DJ Reed’s departure leaves a considerable void that someone must step up to fill, but that a philosophical shift occasioned by the retirement of Tom Hayes might be an even more notable change for the unit.

In news of the unwanted variety, sophomore defensive end Bronson Massie is in legal hot water for failing to pay parking tickets, then failing to appear when summoned on four separate occasions.

Kellis Robinett’s Q&A covered a smorgasbord of K-State topics and included this statement:

The Wildcats start the season 3-0 and enter conference play with momentum they haven’t tasted since 2012, the last time they beat a notable nonconference opponent.

He’s not wrong about that. The Mississippi State game presents an enormous opportunity for this year’s team—an opportunity they have too seldom given themselves. He is wrong in the assertion that even a game at KU is worth attending for the “sweet view of campus.” No. No, it’s not.

Kellis also wades into a debate about whether Stokes or Diarra will start for the basketball team this season. He equivocates. Who can blame him?

As of late yesterday afternoon, there was still no decision regarding a potential volleyball match between Hawaii and Kansas State. As Jon chronicled in the Friday Slate, the hurricane scuttled what was to be a stout test at the Hawaiian Airlines Classic, and the opportunity to play the Rainbow Warriors would at least salvage some competition gain for the ‘Cats.

We’ll be back on the two-Slate-per-weekend schedule starting this week. So, check back tomorrow when we open calendar door number 6.