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Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Sup Y’all

Hello out there, my name is Drew Schneider, and starting soon, I’ll be contributing a few articles a week to the Bring on the Cats cause.

I guess I’ll start with a brief biography:

I grew up in South Carolina and attended Clemson University for 4 extremely hazy years. As an English major, my crowning achievement was somehow convincing a naive 18-year-old girl with a giant brain and terrible taste in men that I was obviously the best male specimen she could ever hope to find. Then I held on to her like avoiding a lifetime of serving fancy coffee and living in a studio apartment depended on it (which it most certainly did) and in a round about way, that’s how I ended up in Manhattan, Kansas.

Along the way there were stops in Knoxville, Tennessee, Beaufort, South Carolina, and I most recently served a 7 year stretch in the bleak, Godforsaken wasteland of College Station, Texas.

Over the years I’ve accumulated a rather stereotypical resume for someone with an English degree. I’ve managed a Hollister, worked in a deli, answered phones at student loan call center, waited tables, taught high school English, worked on a food truck, did the stay at home dad thing, and currently do a bunch of freelance writing. I also managed to snag a M.S.P.H in Occupational Health and Safety from Texas A&M, but I don’t really like to talk about that much.

I ended up in Manhattan because my aforementioned big brained wife accepted a position as an Anatomic Veterinary Pathologist at Kansas State last year. I’m going to be honest with you, I had no intention of ever living in Kansas, and attempted to convey that to my wife, but a quick visit to Manhattan assuaged my fear that I would not be living in the middle of a wheat field, and I relented, mainly because Manhattan seemed pretty O.K. and I was tired of being poor.

Now I live in Manhattan with my wife, 4-year-old daughter, and a pack of elderly dogs and cats. I’ve been acclimating for a year now and am ready to throw myself into the world of Kansas State athletics. I currently write for Hammer and Rails (the Purdue SB Nation site) and Shaking the Southland (the Clemson SB Nation site) so I figured why not write about the school in the town where I actually live.

While I’m somewhat new to Kansas State athletics (I have a general idea of the goings on) I do have some Kansas State ties. My uncle was the offensive line coach under Stan Parrish, so, in a way, a member of my family was somewhat involved in getting Bill Snyder to Kansas State (granted, it was because he didn’t win many football games) you’re welcome.

Anyways, I could wax poetic about my favorite subject, namely, myself, for days, but I’ll spare you for the moment.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be immersing myself into the world of Kansas State football, and hope I can bring a fresh set of eyes to Kansas State athletics in general. I’m always open to article suggestions, so if there is something you want to see me write about, leave it in the comment section.

I pride myself in being a man of the people.

P.S. I’m also totally open to tailgate invites because right now I just sort of wander around and scare people with my outgoing personality.