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Big 12 Media Days with Mark Rogers

Gracey Terrill joins Mark Rogers TV to talk all things Big 12 and more!

I’ve been gone for a minute... so let’s start by saying HELLO! As most of you can agree, waiting for football season to start again can be excruciating. Luckily for us, Big 12 Media Days kicks off the return of coaches talking in cliches, Bill Snyder being loved by all and having Texas flex a little too hard right from the beginning. Since we got that all out of the way, Mark Rogers and I got a chance to talk about K-State Football.

With gems coming from Bill Snyder all week long, it was hard to narrow down my favorite, but we cover plenty of what was discussed across the Big 12 coaches. From the hype around Oklahoma, trying to say nice things about Texas and reminding Dana Holgorsen about the hype around Geno Smith... we had a blast. Check out the video below and stay tuned for more videos coming from me this year as we dive headfirst into football season.

Agree with my takes? Disagree? Add your comments below and let me know your rankings of this year’s Big 12 Conference! As always, I’m just a click and a mention away to discuss all things K-State.