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SLATE: Open thread Friday

In the absence of any actual news, let’s chat!

It’s almost like it’s ESPYs day or something.
It’s almost like it’s ESPYs day or something.
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Guys, it’s a virtual dead zone in the land of Wildcat news. We don’t even have yesterday’s Countdown to bring you today, since yesterday’s late Slate covered that.

The only article we have to share with you today is today’s Sports Extra, in which Corbin McGuire takes a look at new baseball assistant coach Austin Wates.

Later today, you can expect an installment of Bring on the PodCats. Luke and Double-Ought will be having a chat with an actual Wildcat athlete. A current one. No, really.

If you’re bored, you can check out the following, too:

So, we’ll be back sometime this weekend with — if we’re lucky — something interesting to share. In the meantime, you’ve all been awfully quiet this summer. Let’s talk!