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SLate: Terence Newman elected to the K-State Hall of Fame.

Terence Newman and Mark Simoneau were among nine individuals elected for the 2018 Hall of Fame class.

KSU celebrates win over ASU Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images


Only 79 days remain until the return of Kansas State football, which means Bracketcat previewed Adam Holtorf.

Men’s Basketball

Head Coach Bruce Weber was elected to the Southern Illinois Athletics Hall of Fame yesterday. Weber led the Salukis to the Sweet 16 in 2002, and returned to the Big Dance again in 2003. (Matt Gasper,

In current K-State basketball news, Dean Wade is close to returning to normal basketball activities and expects to be cleared without restriction in the next two weeks. (Ryan Black, Manhattan Mercury)


The NCAA implemented new rules for players who wish to transfer. No longer may schools restrict where students are allowed to transfer nor are students required to have a release from the old school to receive new financial aid (Essentially eliminating a Leti Romero situation from occurring). (AP via Times Union)

Kansas State Athletics announced the 2018 Hall of Fame class which will include former football stars Terence Newman , and Mark Simoneau. (K-State Athletics via