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Bring on the PodCats with Brent Stover

The former K-State athlete shared his story of how he got to CBS Sports Network and helped us preview K-State’s Sweet 16 matchup with Kentucky.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-South Regional Practice
Kansas State probably needs this guy to play a role if it’s going to pull off the upset tonight in Atlanta.
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Emporia native Brent Stover joined us this week to share how he’s stayed true to his Kansas State roots through impressive success in the broadcast world, including his current job as a play-by-play announcer and studio host at CBS Sports Network. You can see him talking about the NCAA tournament tonight through Saturday before he goes to San Antonio on Sunday to call a high school slam dunk and 3-point competition.

Of course, we also spent some time talking about Kentucky, and how K-State can meet the challenge of facing such a long, athletic opponent. Naturally, Dean Wade was a big part of the discussion.

If you don’t want to listen to a podcast or can’t handle the admittedly poor audio from our phone call, you can check out some of Brent’s answers on our Q&A post from earlier this morning. Be sure to watch for him on CBS Sports Network this week, and check out his new Instagram @BrentStover_.

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