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March Madness 2018: Sunday Open Thread

In keeping with our status as the villains of the day, let’s hope Cinderella is dead.

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We’re just trying to trigger Texas fans now.
We’re just trying to trigger Texas fans now.
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

With a lone exception, Saturday was uneventful. Well, four, honestly; Kansas/Seton Hall, Texas Tech/Florida, and Michigan/Houston were all pretty awesome games of college basketball.

But hats off to the Loyola (IL) Ramblers for ensuring a double-digit seed will still be hanging around next week. It’s entirely possible they’ll be the only one. And it’s the 55th anniversary of their only other NCAA Tournament championship this year. Hmm.

(By the way, good piece from USA Today’s Scott Gleeson on why Loyola may be a legitimate threat to reach the Final Four.)

Today, of course, features your hometown heroes being tarred with the supervillain brush as they face the tournament’s One True Cinderella. West Virginia is also in action against their Most Disrespected Rival, with the Big 12 hoping to make up a full quarter of the Sweet Sixteen.

This is your open thread to discuss today’s games. The schedule, with announcer pairings, follows. The game times for the second game at each site are approximate; actual tip will be 30 minutes after the end of the previous site game.