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March Madness 2018: Friday Open Thread

There’s only one set of Wildcats today, but there seem to be a lot of Bison roaming around.

It’s okay to root for the Shockers, because it’s March.
It’s okay to root for the Shockers, because it’s March.
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

We’re only doing one open thread today, because the evening games start off with a particular contest for which we’ll have a dedicated open thread. We think you know the one.

There’s at least one game of local significance in every block today, with four Big 12 teams and two close rivals on the schedule. Wichita State and Marshall will meet in the Battle of the Tragic Plane Crashes in the early wave, both West Virginia and Texas take the floor during the afternoon, K-State is of course in action during dinner, and the late games feature both TCU and Missouri.

Butler and Texas are your best bets for non-8/9 upset picks today. Nobody else really jumps out, unfortunately for the Cinderella fans out there.

Here’s today’s schedule, and we’ll see you at 5:30 with the open thread for K-State’s 2018 Tournament debut.

Noon shift:

Afternoon shift (times approximate, games tip 30 minutes after conclusion of previous site game):

Dinner shift:

Late shift (times approximate):