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Bring on the PodCats with Levi Stevenson of WRNL

WRNL’s managing editor said Iowa State looks a lot better than it did in December, but they’re still working on solving some road woes and inconsistency issues as they head to Manhattan.

NCAA Basketball: Kansas at Iowa State
Cameron Lard won a National Freshman of the week award for his efforts against Texas Tech and Oklahoma.
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

The managing editor of the Big 12’s funniest SB Nation blog sounds a lot more positive than you might expect from someone who supports the team at the bottom of the Big 12 standings, and with good reason. He tells Eric Rubottom and I the Cyclones have improved considerably since a 91-75 loss to Kansas State in 2017. Freshmen Lindell Wigginton and Camerom Lard are leading the charge, and now point guard Nick Weiler-Babb is back from injury to give Iowa State even more depth and versatility.

But while the future is bright with those guys and an excellent recruiting class on the way, Levi acknowledges defense continues to be a concern, as does playing on the road. This all bodes well for Kansas State, who should win at least its three remaining home games and could even finish 5-0 if things go right. Seriously, Eric said that and I think he’s right.

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