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Bring on the PodCats with Bart Keeler of The Smoking Musket

Bart reminds us at least before the loss to Iowa State, many of West Virginia’s problems could be attributed to a tough schedule in the unforgiving Big 12.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at West Virginia
Slow this guy down and things should go well for Kansas State on Saturday.
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We talked to our friend Bart Keeler of The Smoking Musket prior to West Virginia’s disastrous 93-77 loss at Iowa State. That’s probably a good thing, because we like Bart and he probably wouldn’t have been nearly as fun to talk to after that game. It raises some more concerns about the seriousness of West Virginia’s issues, which Bart addressed in this podcast, but it doesn’t change they’ve still got some serious talent and Morgantown is still a tough place to play.

Of course, if the Mountaineers are going to bounce back, it’s probably going to be with Jevon Carter leading the way, and we’re all looking forward to see how Barry Brown handles that difficult matchup. It won’t surprise anyone to learn Bart is much more concerned about how his team can stop Dean Wade, who is suddenly looking like a First Team All-Conference player.

We’re into February and the second half of the season, so we naturally strayed into some other college basketball topics, including Trae Young, the Big 12’s depth, and the strength of its top teams against the best teams in the country. Oh, and if any West Virginia fans stumbled onto this podcast, you’ll be glad to know we took some time to laugh at how far Pittsburgh has fallen since many fans celebrated Jamie Dixon’s departure. Oh, karma.

Don’t forget to read Bart’s work, including this post that ranks K-State as the 7th (#disrespekt!) toughest opponent remaining on WVA’s schedule. You can also follow Bart on Twitter at @BartimusPrime19.

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