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Hold the Panic

K-State won’t hire Seth Littrell, for one reason or another. Don’t panic.

South Florida Park Overrun By Pet Rabbits Let Free By Owners Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

If you follow this site closely, then you probably came to this Friday with the expectation that K-State might announce a new football coach. But that dream was shattered around 9 a.m., when Brett McMurphy reported Seth Littrell decided to stay at North Texas.

Chaos ensued among K-State fans. It hasn’t helped that conflicting, anonymously sourced reports about what scuttled the deal surfaced soon afterward. Pick a narrative, and there’s probably a tweet you can latch onto to support it. Then game out that narrative and you can spend all day spinning yourself down the rabbit hole trying to make sense of it all.

To throw my finger quotes up and talk like the marketing types, the “optics” of this are bad. K-State got turned down by a C-USA coach! Note that you’ll hear this loudest from the fans of a school that just hired Les Miles and one that’s never won 10 games in a year.

So it’s not fun, because it’s chaotic after what seemed like an orderly hiring process. But this can still work out. Seth Littrell is a good coach and one I would’ve been excited to see hired, but he’s not the only reasonably available coach who can succeed at K-State. There are arguments for and against every candidate whose name has been mentioned. That’s the nature of a coaching search.

I’m off to enjoy my weekend. Hope y’all do the same.