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Slate: Merry Christmas, Wildcat Fans!

Brooks Brothers Celebrates The Holidays With St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Santa takes a break after his long night’s travels. K-Staters helped him fill the void under one family’s tree this year.
Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Brooks Brothers

Today we bring good news and tidings of great joy. Well, we bring you good news if you believe that old saw that No News is Good News, anyway. It’s Christmas morning, and all of K-State’s teams are on break. Visits home are rare for student-athletes, so we hope they are all enjoying quality time with family and friends. They will be back to share the gifts of their talents with us again, soon enough.

The athletic department did pause today to tell us how Wildcat student-athletes have shared their holiday spirit through the adopt-a-family program. The students pooled their resources and made Christmas a little brighter for a local mother and her four children. The athletes spoke of their own feelings of warmth and happiness through the experience of giving.

That’s it for K-State news today. We had contemplated giving you a Christmas parody of some kind (because the world clearly has too few bad “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” mock-ups, right?), but hit a serious snag with certain of the rhymes. Accordingly, we scrapped the effort.

Today is for family, friends and memories on the home front, and we at Bring on the Cats hope you all indulge and immerse yourself fully in the gift of those you love. We’ll be back to debate each other tomorrow.

Merry Christmas, my Wildcat friends!