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Slate: Meeting? What Meeting?

The year end meeting between AD Gene Taylor and HC Bill Snyder didn’t happen. So now what?

Kansas State v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images


Yesterday, Gracey Terrill brought us the news that Dalton Risner was named the Big 12 offensive lineman of the year. He was joined by second team All Big 12 players Alex Barnes, and Duke Shelley, and honorable mention players Devin Anctil and Kyle Ball.

Earlier this morning, Luke Sobba gave us a phenomenal retrospective about Bill Snyder’s time at Kansas State and the competing narrative of #family (heart) and knowing it’s time to move on (head).

Coach Watch 2018

Yesterday we bascially twiddled our thumbs while constantly refreshing twitter....and nothing happened. Literally, nothing. The reported meeting between Bill Snyder and Gene Taylor never took place, with Taylor advising the media coach Snyder “wanted more time”. (Ryan Black Manhattan Mercury)

So when will the meeting take place? No one is sure. The meeting hasn’t been rescheduled, and even though Taylor is on record as saying the meeting “will definitely happen this week”, with out a definitive time frame whose to say this doesn’t get pushed back further.(Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle via Garden City Telegram)

That leaves Gene Taylor is the same position he was prior to the season, preparing for all scenarios when it comes to the succession plan for Bill Snyder. (Ryan Black, Manhattan Mercury)

Overall, this is getting messy. Taylor sounds like a man trying to play both sides, and appease all parties. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to end well for anyone. Yes, it’s Bill Snyder and he’s done more for football at Kansas State than anyone could have imagined. But ultimately Bill answers to Gene Taylor. Bill isn’t the AD. He is the head football coach and he is responsible to answer to Gene. It’s time for Gene for schedule a damn meeting (you know with an actual time and place. And hey maybe even send Bill’s secretary a calendar invite so everyone is on the same page), rather than hope they meet in the hallway one day at Vanier. (As TB hilarious proposed in the comments yesterday). It must happen this week. This waiting game is crippling the football team from moving forward and that cannot be allowed to continue.

Oh, and just for good measure the potential number one option to replace Bill Snyder just had an interview about the Texas Tech head coaching position. (staff reports, Manhattan Mercury)