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Snyder shows frustration at quarterback questions

When pressed about the controversy between Skylar Thompson and Alex Delton, Bill Snyder tells a reporter to “write what the hell you want to write.”

NCAA Football: Texas at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

MANHATTAN — Bill Snyder’s frustration with media questions about K-State’s quarterback situation came to a head Tuesday during his weekly press conference. KMAN sports director John Kurtz opened questions by asking Snyder what we’re all missing that’s keeping the Wildcats from sticking to either Skylar Thompson or Alex Delton at quarterback.

After a long stare at Kurtz, Snyder responded.

“What are you missing? Probably just that you’re not on the field coaching,” he said.

K-StateOnline Editor Matt Hall later asked Snyder what we’re missing on the stat sheet that keep Alex Delton on the field.

“I don’t know what the stat sheet means,” Snyder said. “He runs the ball well, he can throw the ball well, sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn’t.”

“If it’s not working with one, you have to try something,” Snyder continued. “It’s either that or I’m calling on you, and I’m dog-gone sure not going to do that.”

Kurtz then asked Snyder how much of a spark Thompson gave the offense in the second half. Snyder said Thompson was part of the spark, but that the main cause was the anger the offense brought out of the locker room. Kurtz tried to press for a more specific answer, but Snyder cut him off.

“You write what the hell you want to write,” Snyder said.

Snyder has been short with the media throughout the season with regard to Thompson, often giving answers of fewer than 10 words when asked to assess the sophomore’s performance. He often throws much more detail behind his assessments of Delton, despite a clear statistical advantage for Thompson and a perceived sense that the entire offense plays better when the latter is on the field.

Though K-State has found themselves in a number of quarterback controversies over Snyder’s long tenure, Kansas City Star reporter Kellis Robinett said on Twitter that Tuesday was “as testy as I can ever remember” Snyder being at a weekly press conference.

As K-State prepares for Baylor Saturday, those outside the program are left to speculate about what it is that keeps Snyder from providing more of an opinion on Thompson.