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Halftime: Oklahoma State 6, Kansas State 3

Welcome to the Big Ten.

Alex Barnes is our everything.
Alex Barnes is our everything.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

We don’t want to give the impression that there’s nothing positive happening on the field, because that’s not true. But this is probably the ugliest 30 minutes of football we’ve seen from both teams since, oh, Eastern Kentucky back in 2011.

The only play so far which has ended in the end zone was a Duke Shelley interception on a Taylor Cornelius armpunt. The two teams have combined for four field goal attempts, three good.

This is actually good news for the Wildcat defense, which has given up exactly one big play and has — physically, at least — been completely on point today. Virtually every Wildcat who’s been the first to make actual contact with a Cowboy ball carrier has made the tackle, and that’s some good stuff.

On offense, we’re wondering which redshirt quarterback is going to be the starter in 2019, because Skylar Thompson is 4-14 for 29 yards. Only one guy listed as a receiver has a catch at all; that’s Isaiah Harris, with two catches for a whopping five yards. Alex Barnes, on the other hand, continues to Alex Barnes. Barnes is once again close to a buck in just one half, at 89 yards on 18 carries. Dalvin Warmack’s added another 24 on 2 carries and a reception.

The bright side of it all: the Wildcat defense held Oklahoma State to six points without Reggie Walker, who’ll return after halftime having served his ejection-related suspection for last week’s targeting penalty.

Back in ninety or so.