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Breaking: Winston Dimel leaves Kansas State

With his final year of eligibility left, Winston Dimel is released of scholarship.

#38 Winston Dimel Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

Courtesy of, fullback Winston Dimel leaves K-State after finishing his undergraduate degree. With one year of eligibility left, Dimel will head to a new team in preparation for a career in the NFL.

With 22 career touchdowns for the K-State program, Dimel’s impact on offense will be missed. Playing through injuries, Dimel managed to still have an impressive career at Kansas State and leaves a hole to be filled at fullback. While there are a few options listed on the 2017 roster (Adam Harter, Terrance Richards, Mason Barta) the workload of the traditional K-State fullback is not for the faint of heart.

Since his father’s departure for UTEP, Winston Dimel’s remaining time at K-State has been under speculation. Bill Snyder reportedly expected Dimel to follow his father to UTEP, so this departure was not much of a surprise to those following along the last few weeks. An obvious choice would be to follow his father to UTEP but with Dimel’s talent and pursuit of an NFL career, other schools have already reached out. According to Dimel, there are currently offers from Missouri, Texas A&M and a strong interest from University of Wisconsin.

Dimel’s position as fullback opens doors for offenses like Missouri and A&M that are currently lacking a fullback on the roster. The next few months will be interesting to see where the talented and versatile Dimel ends up. On behalf of the Bring on The Cats staff, we wish Winston well in his future!

Where do you think Winston Dimel would best fit?