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Bring on the PodCats with Kevin Flaherty of 247Sports

A national writer with Kansas roots and a Big 12 focus returns to help us decide whether the Jayhawks are good enough send Kansas State to a familiar fate this Saturday at Allen Fieldhouse.

Oregon v Kansas
Do you think Svi traveled on this play?
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Sadly, Kevin Flaherty doesn’t think Kansas basketball will be taken down by the whole shoe company scandal (I had to ask) but he does mention a small, possibly fictional possibility that Memorial Stadium and part of campus falls into a sinkhole, so that’s something.* However, before any of that happens, Kansas State is going to play another basketball Saturday in the house of horrors known as Allen Fieldhouse, where it’s still not clear just how many steps Kansas players get to take before attempting buzzer beaters.

Bill Self might be paying him to say this, but Kevin claims Kansas might be only the fourth-best team in the league with its current roster, thanks to a dearth of true post players, no lottery-pick caliber talent and a short bench. However, the Jayhawks are still very dangerous when they’re hitting their threes, so the K-State guards will be tested and relied upon heavily on both sides of the floor. Kevin and our own JT VanGilder, who graciously joined us right after getting home from the ‘Cats’ win over Oklahoma State, both expect lots of points. It should be fun.

Don’t forget to check out Kevin’s work at and follow his active, informative and entertaining Twitter @KevinFlaherty247 for plenty of Big 12 news around the conference.

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*Really, I’d settle for Kansas just missing the tournament once because I have no memory of what that’s like.

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