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2018 K-State Football

Happy Thoughts on the Oklahoma State Game

I finally get to say nice things!

Bring on the PodCats with Nick Leckey

Nick Leckey sees a realistic path to a bowl game this season and reasons to believe the Snyder succession plan won’t be too bumpy. We hope he’s right.

Barnes and Shelley Earn Big 12 Awards

With monster performances, both Alex Barnes and Duke Shelley earn Big 12 weekly awards.

FINAL: K-State 31, OK State 12

Barnes, Shelley, defense, profit.

Halftime: OK State 6, K-State 3

Welcome to the Big Ten.

Kansas State vs Oklahoma State: Open Game Thread

The Wildcats and Cowboys tangle in the Little Apple.

How to Watch: K-State football vs. Oklahoma State

The Wildcats look to right the ship against the Cowboys.

Bring on the PodCats with CRFF’s Micah Allen

One of our SB Nation colleague’s dropped by to discuss Oklahoma State’s maddeningly inconsistent season as the Pokes prepare for a game in Manhattan

Baylor Thoughts

Death by 1,000 mistakes

Is this the worst K-State football team since 1989?

With continued mistakes, mounting injuries and depth concerns and a daunting remaining schedule, is this the worst team we’ve seen in nearly 30 years?

FINAL: Baylor 37, Kansas State 34 - Barnes runs all day, but Cats still come up short

Alex Barnes fire doesn’t burn hot enough to carry K-State through four quarters in Waco.

HALFTIME: K-State 14, Baylor 12

Alex Barnes is on fire.

Kansas State vs Baylor: Open Game Thread

The Wildcats and Bears tangle in Waco with both teams hoping to stay in bowl contention.

How to Watch: K-State at Baylor

Winner still has hope. Loser’s probably cooked.

Thompson or Delton...Why Not Both?

It’s time to get crazy!

It’s time we ask Bill Snyder the hard questions

Bill Snyder has built a mountain of well-deserved good will in Kansas and across the country, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be asked hard questions.

Former K-State wide receiver weighs in on Bill Snyder and the QB controversy

Curry Sexton offers his insight into the similarities between 2013 and 2018 and why he thinks this year is much different

Bring on the PodCats with ODB’s Matt Wilson

Our old friend returns to discuss Saturday’s game between two teams headed in the wrong direction.

Snyder shows frustration at quarterback questions

When pressed about the controversy between Skylar Thompson and Alex Delton, Bill Snyder tells a reporter to "write what the hell you want to write."

Monday Thoughts on K-State Football

All D no O

FINAL: Texas 19, K-State 14

A solid second half almost, but didn’t quite, erased the first.

HALFTIME: Texas 19, K-State 0

It’s as bad as it looks. In fact, it’s worse.

Kansas State vs No 18/22 Texas: Open Game Thread

The Longhorns return to Manhattan, where they are just 1-7 all-time, trying to shake a Wizard.

How to Watch: Kansas State football vs. Texas

Wildcats, Longhorns renew their often bizarre rivalry.

The Return of Alex Delton

Baaaah Gawd King, That’s Alex Delton’s Music!

Football Q&A with Burnt Orange Nation

We catch up with Gerald Goodridge of BON and get a few questions answered.

Thoughts on K-State After Morgantown

It’s simpler than you might think

West Virginia 35, K-State 6

You can’t win if you can’t score points.

HALFTIME: WVU 21, K-State 0

You can’t blame the defense.

Kansas State vs No. 12 West Virginia: Open Game Thread

The Wildcats are in Morgantown looking to pull the road upset

How to Watch: K-State football @ West Virginia

Wildcats open Big 12 play on the road vs. No. 12 Mountaineers.

Scouting Report: K-State Run Game

You’ve got to run at West Virginia