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TRASH TALK: Charlotte

The reason for the 49ers mascot is even dumber than you might think.

NCAA Football: Charlotte at Louisville
Here’s how bad Charlotte is: We had to go back to last year to find a game photo of the 49ers - in this case, getting demolished by Louisville, 70-14, last September.
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to a new feature at Bring on the Cats, where each week we will be trash-talking the K-State football team’s opponent. Feel free to join along in the comments section, but remember this is all in good fun.

Tomorrow the Kansas State Wildcats welcome the University of North Carolina at Charlotte - or Charlotte for short - into Manhattan. And to Bill Snyder’s credit, K-State is going to give this five-year-old mid-major program the same welcome he’s given esteemed programs like USC and Miami: he’ll give them a nice big “L” to take home with them.

The Snyder Restoration has been going on longer than 49ers football! They hired Brad Lambert (EMAW) as their coach in 2011 and started play in 2013. Jesse Ertz has been at K-State as long as football has been at Charlotte! The biggest win in program history is undoubtedly a victory over a Southern Miss (Southern Miss!) team last year that went a whopping 6-6 before winning the R + L Carriers New Orleans Bowl. It is one of only four victories the 49ers have over FBS teams.

And about that mascot, is a team in North Carolina really named after a gold rush that occurred on the complete other side of the country? NOPE! It’s worse than that. The 49ers are named after the fact that the school wasn’t shut down in 1949. By that logic, they could just as easily be the 2016ers. That would be a heck of a way to sell branded clothing: change the team name every year.

As for Charlotte itself, the city is named for Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III. Yeah, that King George III. The one we fought two wars against. I’m just saying, it doesn’t sound very American to me.

I would have more trash talk, but there really isn’t a lot to go on with an opponent with so little history.