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Photo trip, pt. 2: K-State volleyball vs. Arkansas

Ahearn Fieldhouse is still a fantastic sports venue.

MANHATTAN, KANSAS - K-State freshman Brynn Carlson (17) spikes the ball against Arkansas during a volleyball match Aug. 31, 2017.
Adam Stewart/Special to Bring on the Cats

As I mentioned in my soccer post, I spent a couple of days in Manhattan this week so I could photograph K-State soccer and volleyball. I had attended a couple of K-State volleyball matches while I was in college, but that’s been more than a decade ago at this point.

The volleyball section of Ahearn Fieldhouse was nowhere near full Thursday evening as the Wildcats faced Arkansas in the first day of the Wildcat Invitational, but the pep band and student section made it sound like it was packed to the rafters. Wow that place can get loud, especially when the students use their hardback seats as noisemakers. If fans fill the stands today against Syracuse, I can’t imagine how anyone will hear the person next to them.

Each team won one set pretty handily, and another that they had to battle for, sending the match to a decisive fifth set. Unfortunately, a few points into the fifth set, K-State went cold and Arkansas got hot, taking a lead the Wildcats were unable to overcome in time.

Volleyball remains a badly underrated spectator sport. Plays at the net are almost as good as a dunk in basketball, but they are so much more common; a single point can have multiple plays at the net. And it doesn’t take an enormous time investment, the way football can. Even going to five sets, and including a fairly long stoppage of play when an Arkansas player was injured, the match finished in about 2 hours, 30 minutes. Now, Ahearn was a bit warm in the upper level of the stands, but it was still August, and it was a bright, hot day leading up to the volleyball match.