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HALFTIME: Kansas State 20, Baylor 3

This was the ugliest great half of football in Wildcat history.

This ended with a bodyslam. A completely legal bodyslam.
This ended with a bodyslam. A completely legal bodyslam.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

You know what to do if the unemployment rate ever gets too high? Throw it to Byron Pringle.

The Wildcats still have trouble catching passes, but the attack is still somehow balanced as Kansas State Wildcats takes a 20-3 lead over the Baylor Bears into halftime. Jesse Ertz has a touchdown pass to Isaiah Zuber, Winston Dimel scored on a one-yard beef blast, and Matt McCrane added field goals of 37 and 21 yards.

Baylor had a chance to make it closer after D.J. Reed fumbled a punt return on the K-State 12 yard line. But the Wildcat defense forced three straight negative plays, with Duke Shelley and Davis Clark making huge stops, and then Reggie Walker blocked a field goal attempt by Connor Martin. The end result was no Baylor points and, amusingly, a net yardage gain for the Wildcats.

On a booth-instigated review, Cre Moore was ejected on the opening Baylor drive for targeting, and after seeing the replay we can’t argue the call. Moore lowered his helmet as he went low to hit a player who was already going down, so there’s really no getting around that call.

Enjoy the second half. We’ll be back with you in about 100.