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Bring on the PodCats with Matt Wilson

The one and only Matt Wilson from Our Daily Bears is so high on positivity after the Bears put a scare into Oklahoma he actually believes they could beat the ‘Cats in Manhattan after a bye week.

Oklahoma v Baylor
This guy absolutely torched Oklahoma’s top cornerback. The K-State secondary had better be ready.
Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Two weeks ago, I figured respect for our good friend and Our Daily Bears contributor Matt Wilson would be the only thing to keep me from openly mocking the struggles of Baylor’s football team and its chances against the dominant Wildcats. Sadly, things have changed. K-State’s offense doesn’t look nearly as good, and it appears the Bears might be figuring out how to score points against strong defenses. Matt, of course, was more than happy to tell us all about how guys like Zach Smith and Denzel Mims are coming into their own as part of a clearly talented group of youngsters.

Whether they can keep playing at that high level on the road after such an emotional game remains to be seen, and Bracket Cat and I shared some of our doubts. There’s also plenty of reason to believe Alex Barnes could have a huge game against Baylor’s shaky run defense. Either way, hopefully our conversation convinces you Saturday’s showdown in Manhattan will be a highly entertaining and pivotal game for both the Bears and the ‘Cats.

You’ll also get the chance to hear about why some Our Daily Bears staff members nearly got Sailor Bear tattoos, and how one Baylor defensive lineman chose to put “Savage” on the back of his jersey. If you’re an NBA Stick around to the end to hear Matt and I discuss the chemistry of OKC’s new lineup, and Matt ends the podcast with a strong message for the minuscule minority (hopefully) of Baylor fans who still believe in Art Briles. If you don’t already, don’t forget to follow Matt’s always-entertaining Twitter @mattisbear.

For some reason at around the 23:00 mark, audio started going bad and we had to cut Bracket’s praise of Alex Barnes a little short. But don’t worry, it does get better again soon, probably after about 30 seconds. I promise.

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