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College Football Week 4 Evening Thread

The afternoon was boring except for TCU. The evening... doesn’t look much better.

Purple >>>>> all.
Purple >>>>> all.
Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s be honest. With one exception, the afternoon buffet was cold, slimy, and pretty boring even if the food was fresh.

That exception, of course, was the end of any dreams Oklahoma State harbored about contending for a national championship. Our friends at TCU saw to that in emphatic fashion, although the Cowboys did finally start putting some offense together once it was really already too late.

Tonight’s menu: Penn State at Iowa, which we hope will end 6-4 again somehow, another case of SEC intraspecies violence as Auburn faces Missouri to see whose Tigers are better, Florida visits Kentucky, and Notre Dame is at Michigan State.

Late night action sees Washington at Colorado, Oregon at Arizona State (blessedly hidden from most of your eyes on the Pac-12 Network), Hawai’i at Wyoming, and finally UCLA travels to Stanford for the latest kickoff of the day.