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College Football Week 4 Afternoon Open Thread

The morning brought the LULZ. What will happen this afternoon?

Florida State is 0-2. This is not a drill.
Florida State is 0-2. This is not a drill.
Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

The morning started with K-State’s thrilling 31-27 victory over Minnesota in our fake bye week game, and then stuff got really interesting.

West Virginia struggled before putting away Kansas. Texas Tech won a dogfight with Houston, and if you took the under you probably won twice. Arkansas had it all, then Arkied everything up and lost in overtime to Texas A&M. Tennessee had all they could handle from Massachusetts.


But the big story of the morning: Florida State is 0-2 for the first time since 1989 after losing 27-21 — AT HOME -- to North Carolina State. The Seminoles, ranked 12th, are probably going bye-bye tomorrow.

Right now, you’ve got Alabama and Vanderbilt, Southern California and California, and -- most importantly -- Texas Christian and Oklahoma State. Before we come back with an evening thread, Oklahoma and Baylor will kick off, as will the Battle of the Bulldogs between Mississippi State and Georgia, San Diego State at Air Force, and Syracuse at Louisiana State.

Hang out, laugh and cry, and we’ll see you this evening.