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Temple of the Bulls or some such

It’s all-American action at the football ranch

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a slow Thursday night this week, with only one FBS game on the schedule. That would be down in Tampa, where Temple -- the school which Matt Rhule made relevant before leaving to oversee Baylor’s downward spiral into 2002 -- will face one of the teams which has their eyes locked on the Group of Five New Year’s bowl bid, the South Florida Bulls.

It’s been a strange season for the Bulls, who are somehow perceived as not having lived up to expectations in some quarters despite starting 3-0 and beating both FBS teams it’s faced by at least 20 points. That’s probably because the third game was against FCS Stony Brook, which they only beat by two touchdowns; they’ve also had a penchant for looking mortal for 30 minutes then ripping their opponent to pieces in the second half.

Temple, meanwhile, got wrecked by Notre Dame in their opener before handling a pair of CAA teams in Villanova and UMass. Oh, wait, right. UMass isn’t a CAA team anymore. MY BAD.

Oh, and for those of you entertained by such nonsense, there’s some other football game involving something called the LA Rams and the 49ers. We beat the 49ers pretty badly, so that game can’t be any good.