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Slate: Kansas State seeks improvement & clarification

Plus Big 12 play starts for the volleyball team, and the season kicks off for the tennis squad.

NCAA Football: Kansas State at Vanderbilt
The cheer team executed well in Nashville.
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports


Yesterday, TB gave us the “Manic” reaction to the Vanderbilt game, while earlier today he gave us the “depressive” reaction. The combination? A Manic depressive reaction which leaves all of us wondering where this season is headed.

Also yesterday, Wildcat00 rounded up the Big 12 action from last weekend. The key take away? Be VERY afraid of Oklahoma State.


It’s a weirdly slow week for Kansas State given that another Power 5 team (Minnesota) is on the schedule Friday night. There was literally not one article about the upcoming match-up. It’s almost like it’s not happening. But fear not faithful readers. Bring on the Cats has you covered. Be on the lookout for an upcoming Q and A with the Daily Gophers, and the customary Kicking of the Tires.

Kansas State has been focused on correcting the mistakes from last weeks game, as they bounce back from the loss. (Ken Corbitt, Capital Journal)

Bill Snyder also confirmed the team has reached out to the SEC for an invite for clarification regarding terrible overturned fumble call. (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle)


The Women’s Tennis team will kick their season off with a former Big 12 player, Missouri, tomorrow in Columbia. (Alex Dahn, The Collegian)


The conference season begins tonight for the Volleyball squad as they travel to Norman to take on the Sooners of Oklahoma. Unlike last year, I will be unable to attend the match, but am hopeful the good guys will win again. (Avery Osen, The Collegian)