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Bring on the PodCats with Avery Osen

A kstate.hd and Collegian reporter joins us to break down Saturday’s game, then try to find some positives moving forward.

Kansas State v TCU
Why didn’t Justin Silmon get more carries? We’re not really sure.
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Kansas State played a game Saturday, and even though it didn’t end well, plus the ‘Cats get a bye this Saturday, we decided to talk about it anyway. repoter and Collegian reporter Avery Osen joined us to offer some positivity mixed in among the general feelings of disaster and distress caused by the K-State offense. Perhaps one day receivers will catch more passes, Dana Dimel’s playcalling will be easier to explain, and referees will make the correct calls or even give K-State some breaks. Time will tell.

Stick around to the end for updates on volleyball and soccer. Don’t forget you can follow Avery on Twitter at @33Avery.

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