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HALFTIME: Kansas State 38, Central Arkansas 16

Special teams and the ol’ heave-ho are the story so far.

Byron Pringle’s been on the run all evening.
Byron Pringle’s been on the run all evening.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

What if I told you K-State only had 68 yards rushing in the first half against an FCS team, and they were still winning by 22 points?

That’s what we’re looking at here, as the Wildcats lead Central Arkansas 38-16 at halftime.

Byron Pringle returned the opening kickoff 96 yards without scoring, although Alex Barnes did take the ball in two plays later. Pringle also scored on a 55-yard catch-and-run, about 40 yards of which was all Pringle, and Ertz also hit Isaiah Zuber on an 8-yard strike and capped off the half with a 70-yard bomb to Dalton Schoen.

Oh, and D.J. Reed returned a punt 62 yards for a score, and added a no-return interception too.

But there are flaws here. K-State’s been unable to effectively run the ball; 15 of the 68 yards were courtesy of Pringle, and that’s the longest run of the night so far.

And the defense had a very shaky first quarter, with the lack of speed in the linebacking corps perhaps showing itself right off the bat. However, the linebackers appear to be solid up front, and the defensive line has been terrorizing UCA quarterback Hayden Hildebrand.

Second half coming shortly. Let’s go!