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HALFTIME: Kansas State 7, Vanderbilt 7

The only things working are Jesse Ertz’s legs and... the defense?

Vanderbilt Stadium is our house now.
Vanderbilt Stadium is our house now.
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

It’s halftime in Nashville, and Kansas State should be leading Vanderbilt 14-7, but apparently the replay booth is being staffed by drunken wildebeests.

A Kyle Shurmur fumble, which was absolutely a fumble because the ball was turning end-over-end in his grasp before he even began his downward trajectory, was overturned on replay. That wiped out what would have been the third defensive touchdown of the year for Kendall Adams and left the game tied at seven.

The Wildcat touchdown, just like the rest of K-State’s offense, came via the legs of Jesse Ertz, who has 84 yards rushing and 33 passing. That’s 117 yards of offense, which is one more yard than K-State has in total.

So far, the things we were all sure of two hours ago we’re still sure of, and many of the things we were a little nervous about are now serious causes for concern.

But not all. The big surprise was K-State coming out on defense in a 4-3 rather than the 4-2-5, with Elijah Sullivan getting the start. For the most part, this has worked; take away one huge gain on one blown tight end assignment and Vanderbilt’s first touchdown may not have occurred. Other than that drive, the Wildcat defense has been absolutely nails.

All the mysteriously missing Wildcats from one or both of the first two games were in fact suited up and in pre-game warmups, and the missing starters have all been in the action.