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Kansas State moves up to 18th in both AP and Coaches polls

Oklahoma and TCU move up, Ohio State, Auburn, and Stanford plummet

Why is this man smiling?
Why is this man smiling?
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The Week 3 polls are now out, and to nobody’s surprise Kansas State, ranked 19th in both polls last week, moves up one spot to 18 in both this week.

The Wildcats were the beneficiaries of Stanford’s fall from grace following their loss to USC last night; the gap between K-State and Stanford is enormous in both polls, 115 points in the AP Poll and 91 in the Amway/USA Today Coaches Poll.

In the coaches poll, K-State came just one single point away from tying Auburn, also a loser yesterday, for 17th. Auburn did not fall nearly so far in the AP poll, landing at 15th; K-State trails 17th-place Miami by 67 points, which is just a hair more than one full point per ballot.

The big news nationally, of course, is Oklahoma. The Sooners solidly claimed the number two spot in the AP, while landing one single point behind Clemson for number three in the coaches poll. The only other big winner this week was TCU, which moved up to #20 in both polls — from #23 in the AP and from unranked in the coaches. Louisville also made a three-place jump in the AP, climbing from #17 to #14.

Ohio State took the biggest hit in both polls, falling from #2 to #8 in the AP and #9 in the coaches. Stanford dropped five spots, from #14 to #19, in both polls. As noted, the coaches punished Auburn with a four-spot drop from #14 to #17; the AP only docked the Tigers two places, #13 to #15.

The top five in both polls is now Alabama, Oklahoma, Clemson, USC, and Penn State. The Big 12 has two teams in the top 10 and four in the top 20 of both polls. It’s the Big Ten we have to watch out for, as they have four teams in the AP top 10. (Only three in the coaches poll, as they have Wisconsin at #12.)

And once again, the SEC has only one top ten team -- the one at the top. LSU and Georgia are both knocking, however, and Auburn is poised to return with a couple of decent weeks.