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Michael Beasley joins the Knicks

Plus news on Bill Snyder’s children’s book, D.J. Reeds’ impact, and the NFL vs NCAA.

Kansas State v USC Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images


Joshua Brown, and Terrance Richards get the BracketCat treatment today as we’re now only 25 days away from football season!


Former Wildcat standout Michael Beasley signed a deal with the New York Knicks yesterday. (Josh Rouse, Capital Journal)


Bill Snyder’s children’s book will be released soon, and the official name is “Take it From Me”. The book will highlight the importance of his 16 goals for success. (News Services, Manhattan Mercury)

D.J. Reed’s perseverance helped him make an impact right away at Kansas State. (Corbin McGuire,

Finally, in non-Kansas State news, UCLA QB Josh Rosen believes the NCAA and college football have a problem serving it’s student athletes (specifically the ones who play football).(Matt Hayes, Bleacher Report) Rosen’s comments sparked some discussion among the Bring on the Cats editorial staff, mostly centering around the NFL not taking steps to create their own minor league developmental system, and how that affects college football.