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Kansas State continues to earn respect

Coming off a 9 win season last year the Wildcats continue to earn high praise heading into this season. Plus soccer’s home opener

AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl - Texas A&M v Kansas State Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Before jumping into the slate a quick apology for the lack of slate the past few days. It’s been a bit hectic around here with the start of the season just 4 days away, and things got away from us. Mea Culpa.


We’re back on track today though, and since it’s already an afternoon slate we’re going to hit it quick and dirty.

Since the last slate Bracketcat has been a man possessed previewing days 6 (D.J. Render), 10 minus 5 days (Eric Gallon II), 5 days (Alex Delton), 10 minus 5 days again (Blake Lynch), 5 days again (Da’Quan Patton), 10 minus 5 days one more time (Skylar Thompson), 9 minus 5 days (Mitch Lochbihler), 4 days (Dominique Heath), and finally 9 minus 5 days (Gervarrius Ownes)

Also, yesterday, a special post from our OG leader TB, who previewed the offensive line.


First up, Andrea Cornaglia from Viva the Matadors, who previews the Wildcats from a Texas Tech perspective.

Kellis Robinett from the Wichita Eagle, reports on yesterdays Big 12 teleconference, where Bill Snyder confirmed that Adam Holtorf is the starter at center for the Wildcats.

Dennis Dodd gives us 25 things to watch heading into the 2017 season, including a dark Wildcat horse.

Kevin Haskin reports that while Bill Snyder always draws attention, the Wildcats should as well.

ESPN’s preseason power rankings debut Kansas State at number 3 behind Oklahoma State and Oklahoma. I’m not sure what we’re going to do as fans this season with all the #RESPECT the Wildcats are receiving.

Finally a little housekeeping from Corbin McGuire, who gives us a Q and A on the addition of Metal Detectors at BSFS.


Sporting a 1-1-1 record the Wildcats look forward to their home opener tonight against Omaha at 7 p.m. As Joel Jellison, reports there is a much more business like approach this season compared to the pomp and circumstance of last seasons inaugural home match.