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Scott Frantz comes out to teammates

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Frantz tells ESPN’s Holly Rowe about teammates acceptance of his sexuality

Scott Frantz Courtesy Kansas State Athletics

ESPN’s Holly Rowe had a chance to talk with Scott Frantz about an announcement he made last year to his teammates.

In the world of college athletics, teams become close as they spend an infinite amount of time together throughout the season. Between practices, study halls, road trips, games, meals, dorm life, etc. the players spend the majority of their college careers together.

As Kansas State University fans pride themselves on being part the #FAMILY, the players and coaches do as well. Scott Frantz, sophomore offensive lineman, started all 16 games last season as one of the first Wildcat freshman to start an entire season at left tackle since 1988. To say that Frantz has lots of talent is an understatement. What else do you need to know about Frantz? Oh yeah, he’s one of two openly gay players in the FBS in 2017.

Why is this such a big deal for Frantz? Not only did Head Coach Bill Snyder feel confident that the other players would accept him, Snyder said Frantz’ sexuality would never be an issue during the recruiting process. This could potentially encourage other athletes to discuss their sexuality with teammates and coaches. Frantz emphasized why it was important for him to be open about being gay since his announcement could help others find acceptance with their teammates.

Without a doubt, Frantz is one of K-State’s most talented up and coming players this year. Not only did he help K-State set the school record for rushing yards per carry, rank third in school history in total rushing yards, and rushing yards per game, and finish seventh in rushing touchdowns...he blocked for an offense that ranked sixth nationally in rushing touchdowns. And even better than that? Last year Scott Frantz single-handedly shut down the would be #1 overall draft pick for the 2017 NFL Draft, Myles Garrett.

So if there is a question of whether or not you can be gay and also great at football, Frantz makes it fairly obvious the answer is yes. Yes you can. We are incredibly proud of our K-State #FAMILY for accepting Scott as the incredibly talented and versatile lineman he is. Way to go Scott, may others feel inspired by your actions and seek courage like you had!